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All that you need for sales

  • + Showcase
    Showcase is the face of the store. The attention of the client will attract a high-quality and expressive interface with clear interactive elements.
  • + Structured output, advanced filtering
    Create a directory convenient for the client, so that he could easily find what he needs. Your store has the ability to structure products for a variety of parameters for making this.
  • + Product card, order page
    When all actions on the purchase of goods can be performed on one page, the client will prefer to complete the procedure immediately. Ordering should occur without burdening the buyer with a large number of transitions.
  • + Module for up-sell, cross-sell sales
    Do you want to increase the average check of one customer at times? Use convenient built-in tools to create your own rules for issuing recommended products. Products that should be added to the purchase appear on the order page at the client.
  • + Payment module
    Don’t force the client to wander through the pages of the site in an effort to pay for the purchase. Adding the possibility of payment in one click, you reduce the likelihood that the client will go to look for the product of interest from your competitors.
  • + Data Protection
    Your customer details are fully protected! When executing an order, the transmission of user data is protected by the SSL encryption protocol, and it is not so easy to hack it, believe me.
  • + Delivery module
    Ordering and tracking the delivery of goods is the must - have this year. Your online store integrates with all the popular delivery services, as well as the complete service from Amazon.
  • + Mobile application
    It is time to think about regular users of smartphones! Make their purchases comfortable with a mobile application compatible with iOS and Android. Usually, customers who like the service keep the application on their smartphone and don’t ook for alternatives in the future, but go directly to your store.
  • + Office of an abandoned basket
    How much money are you losing on the fact that visitors who have chosen a product leave your site without buying it? The built-in algorithms of interaction with customers who have chosen a product, but have not completed the purchase process, allow you to catch up without your participation and return customers who have left your store.
  • + Setting up a subscription sale
    Give the customer an opportunity to issue and set up a subscription to a product of regular consumption. Complete this module related products, and enjoy the flow of orders for the minimum advertising budget.
  • + Feature Sets for Various Products
    Use opportunities to increase conversion. There are millions of creative sales solutions in your niche that you build to apply. This may be a virtual fitting room for the sale of clothing or a service for the selection of spare parts for the sale of automotive products or cost calculators for services, etc.
  • + Work with reviews
    Review about the product and the store is the first thing that draws the attention of the new visitor. The feedback module built into your website will allow you to encourage your customers to leave positive feedback after purchase. You can moderate them, write your answers and even automatically transfer these reviews to popular services.
  • + Promotional module
    According to statistics, the transitions to the pages of products placed on the main page, as promotional, are 3.6 times higher than others. With the help of the promotional offers management module, you can place promotional items in the most prominent places in one click, set discounts, promotions, packages and other offers that increase conversion.

All that you need for manage

  • + Import-export of the commodity nomenclature
    Import products to the site from any sources. A special module will track the completion of all important parameters and inform you about it.
  • + Sharing product listings with Amazon, Instagram
    Sell ​​goods on marketplaces and social networks, concentrating the management of product lists in a single administration panel of your site. Automatically upload and add product listings, prices and promotions from your site to Amazon and Instagram.
  • + Sales statistics
    Keep track of how your products are sold and plan new arrivals. Choose products for sales and promotional offers, manage seasonal changes in the range and prices
  • + Import Statistics from Amazon (FBA)
    Combine store statistics with Fullfilment by Amazon shipping statistics for complete information and decision making.
  • + Warehouse management
    Control the status of your warehouses, replenish stocks based on sales statistics and a plan for shipment of goods by subscription. Keep a daily record of the goods with the stock control module.
  • + Automate the dispatch of goods by subscription
    With the subscription processing module, automate the shipment of goods, monitor the flow of funds, the presence of residues in stock, the presence of packaging, etc.
  • + Managing an online store from a smartphone
    Manage all the functions of the store and track sales statistics in all channels on your smartphone through the admin panel for mobile devices.

All that you need for promotion

  • + Link to Google services
    Receive orders from the first day of the online store. Be the first in the Google search results page via contextual advertising tools. Your website connects to Google services and you can immediately monitor the effectiveness of advertising activity through all communication channels.
  • + The possibility of collecting marketing information.
    Create your own targeting audiences to build effective communication on Facebook and Instagram and personalize offers from the first visitors to the site
  • + Easy setup of advertising in messengers, Twitter
    Generate vivid advertising messages and tweets about promotions and updates using the internal tools of the site. Run effective advertising campaigns in instant messengers and Twitter and form your loyal audience.
  • + Fast site indexing in Google
    The resource is optimized for a quick display in Google search results. The site with the original construction of the pages gets ranking in the search results higher than the template solutions.
  • + Automated customer communication
    Your online store contains a lot of tools for communication with customers who have made a purchase and with visitors who have shown interest in the product, but have not bought it. Use the site's capabilities to retain customers, create personalized offers for them and expand a loyal audience.

Looking for better sales?

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Recommended Services

Base Store
(Shopify store)

  • + Setup adminpanel platform Shopify
  • + Customize the design of the available templates
  • + Setting categories, subcategories of goods

Standart store

  • + Customized UI / UX design
  • + Creating an unlimited number of categories and subcategories of goods.
  • + Advanced site search with a choice of categories, keywords

Standart Store
+ Marketplace

  • + All features of the Standart Store
  • + Export product listings to Amazon
  • + Adding, changing, deleting information about the product on the site and on Amazon through the admin panel of the site

Technical support

  • + Completion of sites on CMS OpenCart
  • + Installing and configuring modules from the list of Standart Store
  • + Customization for your niche

Landing Page

  • + Development of the structure and design of the page
  • + Placement of conversion enhancements: lead magnets, CTA
  • + Placement of surveys and questionnaires

Individual project

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